6 Skin Care Tips For RunnersBeing outdoors is far and away one among the simplest components of running, however it doesn’t return while not risk, particularly once it involves skin health.

Taking some easy steps to worry for your skin is often vital, however particularly thus throughout the long days of summer.

  1. Wear Emollient

Whether the skies square measure sunny or overcast, all runners ought to wear emollient. Use a emollient with a minimum of thirty SPF which protects against ultraviolet radiation and UVB rays, the sun’s most damaging forms. Apply the emollient twenty minutes before heading out the door to confirm its absorbed into the skin. If you’re reaching to run 2 hours or longer, bring a tiny low travel size emollient to reapply. Besides protective your skin from sunburn, sporting emollient frequently reduces skin aging.

  1. Dress For The Sun

While it should be hot out there, opting to wear a shirt rather than going shirtless or simply in an exceedingly sports bandeau can prove useful within the long haul. Bound technical materials square measure designed and labeled as “sun protecting.” Also, albeit lighter-colored material would possibly feel cooler, darker materials protect additional ultraviolet rays.

  1. Cowl Vulnerable Spots

The most vulnerable body components to the sun’s rays square measure the ears, lips, shoulders, and high of the top. These areas have a better incidence of carcinoma. To avoid further injury and sunburn, apply emollient munificently to those areas. Also, attempt sporting a cap or visor to dam the sun. Besides protective your skin, the cap can keep your head cool on hot summer runs.

  1. Avoid Soreness

Chafing is that the results of friction or skin-on-skin contact. Running within the summer, which frequently entails sweat- or rain-soaked runs, will increase the number of soreness. To avoid this, invest in associate degree anti-chafing stick or ointment. Also, make certain your running apparel fits properly; ill-fitting and loose covering will result in soreness.

  1. Avoid Running At Peak Sunshine Hours

While it would be nice to induce out throughout the day for a lunch run, throughout the summer it’s best to avoid running between ten a.m. and 4 p.m. Instead, want associate degree early morning or evening run, once the sun’s rays are not as sturdy.

  1. Eat vitamin D

Vitamin D, or the “sunshine nutriment,” has more than a few vital functions, together with promoting bone health. however it’s higher to eat it than to soak up it. vitamin D are often found in fish, oysters, bean curd and soy milk, fortified dairy farm product, eggs, and different foods. you’ll additionally take a vitamin D supplement to induce your daily fix.