4 straightforward homemade Fruit Packs for Oily SkinFruits are a unit thought of the simplest food for a healthy body and mind.

They’re made in minerals, vitamins and are a unit simply digested.

And therefore the healthier you’re, the prettier you look! however does one recognize that fruits are smart for your skin too?

Yes, that’s right. Fruit extracts are a unit extremely utilized in skin care cosmetic preparations thanks to the vitamins gift in them. Here we have a tendency to gift four straightforward homemade fruit face packs for Oily skin.

Citrus fruits works best once it involves Oily skin tone. Fruits like orange, lime and lemon may be used on oily skin for refreshment and healthy glow.

These fruits have astringent and toning properties which may assist you plenty in your aid regime. Although citrus fruits are a unit extremely helpful in aid, detain mind you ought to forever combine them with alternative ingredients once exploitation on your face.

As these fruits are a unit acidic in nature, they will cause irritation and breakouts. And conjointly citrus fruits aren’t the sole fruits you’ll be able to use as we have a tendency to show below.

We Gift Four Straightforward And Best Fruit Face Packs For Oily Skin Below:

Fruit Facial For Oily Skin – Best Four Face Packs

Lemon Fruit Pack:


  • Cut a lemon, squeeze the juice and add two teaspoons of milk & two teaspoons of fullers earth to that.
  • Blend the mixture well with a spoon till it turns creamy.

This is a refreshing fruit pack for Oily skin sorts. Regular use rejuvenates skin and improves the complexion.

Orange Fruit Pack:

Orange peels may be dried, pulverized and used alongside curd or milk as a brightening fruit mask for Oily skin. Curd or milk isn’t compulsion!

The citrus acid eventually removes the dark patches, tan and alternative blemishes to bring out glowing skin.

Strawberry Pack:

Strawberries have opposed aging properties to stay those fine lines and age spots cornered. They work nice on oily skin sorts too.

Mash some of strawberries and pour some diluted juice in it. Nothing may be sweeter smelling and refreshing than this.

Banana Face Pack:


  • Mash and mix one banana with a tbsp.
  • Apply this on your face and wash with heat water when 15-20 minutes.

You needn’t use orange or juice in the least. That’s entirely up to you as banana and honey already work wonders on oily skin.